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Where We Ship

State Pharmacy License Numbers

There are specific guidelines that each state requires for prescription licensing. Below is a list of states in which Pet Rescue Rx is licensed. The specific license number for each state is provided for your convenience. In states where Pet Rescue Rx is not currently licensed, please note that applications are in process. Please check back soon as we are actively working to acquire those licenses.

Pet Rescue Rx can ship non prescription items to any state. Non prescription items are Over the Counter (OTC) items that include flea and tick products, supplements and any item which does not have the RX symbol.



State License Number
Alabama  114060
Alaska  OTC
Arizona  Y006120 
Arkansas  OTC
California  NRP 1344
Colorado  OSP.0006164
Connecticut  PCN.0002489
Delaware  A9-0002093
District of Columbia  OTC
Florida  PH 26819
Georgia  PHNR000462
Hawaii  OTC
Idaho  OTC
Illinois  054.018208
Indiana  640024A
Iowa  4159
Kansas  22-13053
Kentucky  OTC
Louisianna  OTC
Maine  OTC
Maryland  OTC
Massachusetts  Not Required
Michigan  L266920
Minnesota  264171
Mississippi  OTC
Missouri  2014013708
Montana  OTC
Nebraska  OTC
Nevada  PH03271 
New Hampshire  OTC
New Jersey  28RO00083100
New Mexico  PH00003503
New York  031694
North Carolina  13379
North Dakota  OTC
Ohio  NRP.022322300-02
Oklahoma  99-6375
Oregon  RP-0003034
Pennsylvania  NP000916
Rhode Island  PHN10636
South Carolina  14774
South Dakota  400-1273
Tennessee  OTC
Texas  28814
Utah  9016486-1708
Vermont  036.0093563
Virginia  0214001963
Washington  PHNR.FO.60356059
West Virginia  MO0560479
Wisconsin  907-43
Wyoming  NR-50802