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Pet Rescue Rx. - Profits go to a shelter of your choice!
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100% of our Profits are Donated to an Animal Shelter or Rescue Group of your choice!

Shelter & Rescue Registration

Starting June 15, 2013 Pet Rescue Rx will be the first ever online pharmacy for pet medications which will donate 100% of our net profits to animal shelters and rescue groups selected by our customers.

We are an online pharmacy for pet medications who will donate 100% of our net profits to shelters selected by our customers. 
We are here to help you by financially supporting your work.
We are a New York State licensed pharmacy.
We are family owned.
We are people who believe that there is a better way.





How does your organization participate?

You must be a recognized 501(C) 3 animal shelter, animal rescue group or animal rehabilitation facility.  
Registration is limited to organizations that are NOT operating for the purpose of making a profit (no breeders).  
If you are a municipal shelter/animal control facility: No official paperwork is needed. Download a REGISTRATION FORM.  
Email the form and a copy of the first page of your IRS Determination letter to (must be in a .jpeg or .pdf format).  







Once your organization is registered with Pet Rescue Rx promote our relationship so you can benefit 100%!

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Share this link to our facebook page. Encourage your followers to shop with us. Let them know how the program works and encourage them to share with their friends.   

Download a banner ad (jpg format) for use on your website and link to us:

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Our mission at Pet Rescue Rx is to financially support animal shelters and rescues across the country through profits generated from our business.  Pet Rescue Rx has donated over $160,000 from our customers purchases!                      

As with any business we have payroll costs of pharmacists and support staff, insurance and inventory expenses as well as additional overhead costs which may impact available profits for distribution.

Donation checks and certificates are mailed approximately every 4 months based on available profits.  

The top ten groups based on sales will recieve a donation check.  The remaining groups will recieve a donation certificate from Pet Rescue RX to purchase needed medications, flea/tick preventatives etc from our store.  These certificates can also be used as raffle and auction items or given to a volunteer who has devoted time to your group.  Use the certificate in anyway that benefits you the most.

Shelters and rescues are highly encouraged to promote the partnership to increase their donations.  

Broome County Humane Society in Binghamton, NY  has recieved over $7000 from Pet Rescue Rx in CASH donations because they support us and let their supporters know about our service.  

By sharing our promotions and information on your facebook and social media networks to your supporters YOU will see the benefit.  There is no cost on your part for doing this and you will be the beneficiary.  We have several groups who have recieved donations of several thousand dollars from Pet Rescue Rx.  We want you to be one of those groups.

I take no salary or compensation from Pet Rescue Rx.  Our purpose is to support the efforts of the animal welfare groups across the country.  

Thank you for your support as we work to support you!

Glenn Buckley, DVM

Founder Pet Rescue Rx.